I'm Amy and I'm a portrait photographer.

Image by Gina Vogel

Image by Gina Vogel


You’ll find me in the comfiest clothes I can find… often the same outfit that I wore the day before since my yoga pants are reversible, and enjoying a makeup-free face. Really, I'm just lazy and don't want to take the 5-10 minutes to put makeup on in the morning. Additionally, I want the women I photograph to feel comfortable and confident enough venture outside with a makeup-free, naked face and feel empowered doing so.

I bring women into my studio for an empowering photo session experience. We focus on self love and smashing down those "rules" about what we've been told beauty is by embracing who we are and what we are capable of.

You are perfect as you are now. I see you. You are enough. I want to learn your story, photograph your uniqueness, and show you how truly beautiful you are... in all ways.


Testimonials from ACP clients

You’ll find common themes. I like to say my superpower in photography is making you feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and confident.


“I always wanted to try a boudoir session, but I wasn't sure I had the guts. I did a Just Me session with Amy last year so, when she advertised her boudoir sessions, I figured now was the right time to try it since we already had a rapport. Sure, I wanted to be in better shape or have more time to prepare, but I decided not to let that hold me back. I bought some new lingerie, got Amy's opinion on what to wear, and came to the studio a little nervous, but ready to be pushed outside my comfort zone. I had a great time getting my hair and makeup done by Kat, and felt more confident than I expected to during the shoot. It was a surprisingly fun experience, and it was nice to explore a different side of myself. I'm so glad I did it!”

Hair and makeup styling by Kat St. John


“It was so dope to go out in the ocean in lingerie, especially as a fat woman / larger body. Amy made me feel so comfortable, sexy & powerful! I honestly would recommend it for anyone. She had a brilliant way of both directing me on what to do & also affirming that I looked hot af.

Plus after seeing the pictures I was totally relishing in how sexy I look! It was so much fun.”

Hair and makeup styling by Kat St. John

“There is not enough space here for me to express how much I adore Amy Catherine Photography! Amy has captured all of our family's special moments in a way that is sooo creative. She effortlessly helps you find that "best" version of yourself within her work! I will continue to hire Amy again and again and again.... and I honestly believe YOU should too!”


“I cannot reiterate enough how this project changed my life and the lives of many other women.  I consider Amy’s Studio a safe space, literally and metaphorically. Self-love and self-acceptance is an amazing gift and Amy’s talent helps us to unwrap it.”

Same woman, two years apart:


“I had such an amazing time doing this project, and I could not be more in love with the images Amy captured of me. Although I've been insecure about my body for as long as I can remember, she made me feel comfortable and confident in myself. I've never worked with a professional photographer before where I felt that the photos are actually an accurate representation of me and who I am. She has a unique ability to bring out the vulnerability in someone and portray it beautifully.”

Hair and makeup by Kat St. John

Hair and makeup by Kat St. John

"Amy is my favorite photographer because she is so good at making you feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful! Kat and Amy are an incredible team who help you feel effortlessly feminine and sexy without being overly risqué and I would recommend this experience to anyone and everyone!" 


“I’ve worked with Amy almost a dozen times now, and her talent behind the camera continues to amaze me. I first reached out to Amy on the faith of a friend who confidently told me “she can do it all.” I allowed this complete stranger to photograph me in an immensely intimate setting, but because of her professionalism and genuine enthusiasm it never felt awkward or scary. Amy is in constant communication with her clients prior to the shoot to ensure she fully understands what your goals are for the final product. Her knowledge and skill are evident during the shoot as she gently guides you through natural and flattering poses, which never turn out posey. She meets you where you are so that you feel an absolute sense of comfort and confidence while in front of her camera. Each time I leave a session with Amy, I feel as though I can conquer the world! Regardless of if I’m fully made up in hair, make up, and wardrobe, or bare-faced in my intimates, there is nothing but fire in my veins anticipating what images rest in her care. Amy’s skill in capturing her clients to their souls is what I cherish most about my photos from her. Seeing my mother, my daughter, and myself in such truth is why I am a firm believer now. Amy wants us to “Exist in photos” and the way she helps with that is why my photos don’t just end up on a hard drive anymore. Now I excitedly order prints to proudly display in my home, as well as give them as gifts to my family to display in theirs. I am blessed to have photographs that I will be able to pass to my children and grandchildren, and beyond. I am so thankful I trusted that friend years ago, because now I not only have a very talented, trusted photographer, but I also have a dear friend in Amy. I can absolutely say, without doubt, Amy can do it all, and you will want her to photograph you again.”

Hair and makeup styling by Kat St. John


“Amy is my favorite photographer! I have been blessed to have her photograph me for almost a decade. She is the only photographer I trust to capture images of me during important milestones, tell a story with my photos, create unique images that surpass my expectations at the reveal session, and guide me step-by-step from styling the shoot to helping me shift my pose to get the perfect shot every time. I always feel comfortable and confident in front of her camera. And I love every single shot she gets every single time. Amy is a talented artist and I would highly recommend working with her.”

Hair and makeup styling by Brooke


“I was very nervous to do the Just Me photos because I almost never go out without makeup on. My mom was a makeup artist, and I just always believed I needed at least mascara on to be out in the world. I was also nervous to be in just undergarments because I'm used to having my clothing styled exactly how I want it! But I also knew that Amy is an amazing photographer, who would take the best photos of me, and that I'd be more comfortable with her once we got started. She helped me decide what to wear and how to lay my hair; when to smile big and when to be softer; how to pose so that I'd feel strong and comfortable. All the way up to the reveal I was nervous that I'd hate how my face looked in the photos. Surprise! I love my photos. They all look exactly like me, just without my usual makeup. My eyebrows are very light, but they are still there. And in the photos I learned that I have freckles on my face. I must not see them when I'm getting ready in the morning, but there they are. I think I love myself a bit more having seen the photos, and I think that's going to keep growing now that I can see them whenever I want to. :)”