"Just Me" Experience

No hair styling or makeup, just simplicity. Focusing on self-love and smashing down those "rules" about what we've been told beauty is.


See yourself, naturally

Open yourself up to the possibility of a vulnerable, life-changing experience. Purchase a session for yourself or someone you love!


The Experience

These photo sessions and interviews are 1 hour long, and include 2-4 outfit changes. The level of clothing is up to each woman. Sessions are held at my studio by the Space Needle.

"When I  first thought about doing the project, I thought for a split second 'Oh, I can't do that. I'm too (fat, tired looking, busy, nervous, scared)' then I said 'Fuck it. I'm doing this.' I wasn't going to let two minutes of self doubt keep me from this opportunity. So I did it. I was nervous but really enjoyed seeing me as others see me: beautiful. It's so powerful to be so exposed and when everything is stripped away we're left with just ourselves and I found it to be really healing."


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