3 Reasons To Get Your Portrait Taken NOW

It's a New Year, Celebrate You. Here are three reasons why you should have your portrait taken now, and not put it off until who-knows-when.

Ignore Your Excuses

I'm there with you. I have 15 pounds to lose so I can be satisfied again with my body. I wear baggy clothing to cover my stomach, and long sweaters to cover my bum. But guess what? I love to eat anything made from potatoes and drink wine at the end of the day. Those pounds are not coming off in the next month, or even three, or maybe even the next year. You know what's awesome about what I do as a photographer? I'm good for 15 pounds just in posing. Pair that with clothing that FITS your body, as it is now, and I guarantee your friends will comment on how amazing you look in your photographs. No gym required.

Shift Your Self Value

The... Am I Good Enough? Syndrome is real. For some of us, it's a block that gets in the way daily and can inhibit the achievement of goals, happiness, successful relationships... and more. Your outlook and interaction with the world will change once you realize that you deserve to focus on yourself above others, and that loving yourself will bring more love into your life. Your happiness and confidence will, in turn, positively affect everything around you. If you need a gentle nudge (or a powerful toss) into recognizing your beauty and strength... I can capture YOU in the most favorite portrait you've ever seen of yourself. Yes, you deserve to be pampered in a photo session, and yes, you are allowed to display photographs of yourself on your walls to remind yourself that you ARE good enough.

Exist In Photographs

When was the last time you were photographed? Are those images printed and proudly displayed on a wall, or are they hiding on a USB, stored up in the Cloud, or just on Facebook? When your children go to look for photos of you, what will they find? Is there an image of you that your family will treasure forever and pass down through generations? Photographs are timeless gifts and highly valued by almost everyone. Photos are what we go to when we miss someone we can't talk to. Photos are what we pay attention to when scrolling websites, and they are a huge factor in deciding who to trust. Photos document LIFE through the highs and lows. Document your life. Sit for a portrait every year. Print your photographs. Encourage those you love to do the same.

Hey there! My name is Amy Catherine Paine and I am a portrait photographer located in Seattle, WA. I provide the full experience from designing your dream photoshoot to handing printed products into your hands. Creating photographs is something I want to do every single day. If I was forced to give up photography, I would most likely become a crazy cat lady instead.

Amy Paine