Why the "Me" project?

Where did the idea of the "Me" project come from? Well... from... me. My own struggles. My own insecurities. I have been saying mean things to myself because I'm not the body I was 2 years ago and I've let myself feel less beautiful. I've come across stories of transformations, compared myself to who I was, frustrated that I cannot fit into some of my favorite pieces of clothing. I hardly ever feel sexy or want to look at myself in the mirror. I've avoided the camera. 

One day, I set up my photo backdrop, brought out my hairdryer, set the camera up on a tripod, and took some selfies. I had no preparation, I did not have my hair curled or a stitch of makeup on my face. I prepared to hate all of the photos. 

But... I didn't. I actually LIKE a lot of the images I captured! This was amazing to me. It was a healing experience. I accepted these photos of myself as beautiful, raw, and very true to who I am. 

I thought, other women need this. I can give them this gift. I know I am not alone, that every person has insecurities and a story to tell. Every woman needs to feel beautiful in her nakedness and to see her body as art. 

That's when the project was born. I need to do another photo session of myself that is more true to how I've been capturing these women--to strip down and embrace my body as it is. It's on the horizon.

Do you want to be photographed for this project? Do you know someone who could benefit from some love? Click the button below for more information on this experience and sign up. I cannot wait to photograph you. 

Amy PaineComment