It's going to happen! ("Me" Gallery Show)

Kicking off 2018, I'm working toward a BIG goal.

After so many people asked what I'm going to do with all the photos from my passion project, I am planning a gallery event to showcase 104 women who participated in the "Just Me" project this year! 
What?! This is insane!

I photographed women with no makeup, no hair styling, no fancy set up or wardrobe, and no retouching. And it changed lives.

My body shakes and I feel so nervous whenever I talk about planning this show. It's something I've never done; I never considered that anyone would be interested in going to see a whole room of my photography (we are our own worst critics and biggest villain, right?). I am realizing though, that this isn't just about my photography.

I created a community of women through this project's experience. More than 100 women decided to sign up, show up, reveal themselves, and become part of a movement. 
Women need this right now. 
I need to bring these portraits and interviews out into the world so we can start talking more openly about self love, insecurities, trauma, body confidence, and healing... and to remind ourselves and others that women are always on a journey, have a story, and are a force of positive energy in the world.

"These photos gave me an unbiased and objective reality check. With no makeup, hair not styled I'm just me. All me. And that's not so bad."

I am hoping to showcase this one-day event in March or April, on a weekend during the daytime. I am being SOOO specific here, right? The date depends so much on securing a location! I have a couple of tours planned but am keeping an open mind.

Here's where you come in! I need help!

-Do you have a connection to my dream space?
I'm looking for a large room to hold 200+ people, with natural light and mostly blank walls.
If a space you know of doesn't suite these specifics, but can compromise on pricing, I would love to hear about this option also!

-Are you passionate about event planning and want to help me feel less overwhelmed about this process?

-Do you have a small business that can contribute catering?

-Do you have a connection with alcoholic beverages + service?

-Would you be able to contribute funds to help with printing and framing, rentals, food/drinks, etc.?

-Would you like to volunteer at this event to help set up, take down, run the sales table, clean up discarded plates and glasses, act as security?

-Do you want to photograph or take video of the event?

Tell me about your superpower! If you have any other way you want to contribute, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for any support you have given up until this point! I cannot believe what was accomplished in 2017.

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"I have never had so much love for so many photos of myself. I was overwhelmed with how much I loved each one and truly saw my full self in them. They felt so me, and I felt captured. And the thing I loved was there were pictures of myself that I felt captured a side of myself I have never seen in a photo, and that was a powerful experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

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