Throw Some Confetti! Happy news & birthday sale!

January 17th was my birthday! I am now 26 years old!

Just because I can, I'm going to tell you a little bit more about me, and then I'm going to let you in some news about the "Just Me" gallery show, and also announce a sale!



  1. 2018 is the 4th year of business for Amy Catherine Photography. I grew up in front of the camera as a child because my dad was a photographer. Eventually, he bought me my own camera. I was a terrible student when he tried to teach me how to use it, so eventually he gave up and just let me make mistakes and find my own way.
  2. I was involved in theater starting in 3rd grade. I've played roles of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, Daisy Mae in Li'l Abner, Helen in The Miracle Worker, and other parts--leads, supporting and ensemble, as well as working behind the scenes in the costume shop all 4 years of college. I met Jeff, my husband, because we performed in a musical together!
  3. I have a Bengal cat, Sherlock, and a rescue with 3 legs, named Pi. They are quite possibly the most talkative cats I have ever known but I obsess over them. I take Sherlock on walks, and they are both toilet trained, which shows how much of crazy cat parents we are.

The "Just Me" project started because of my insecurities. I watched my body change. I say mean things to myself. I compare myself in photos now versus then, or to that girl on Instagram, or anywhere else, really. I think I'm not as beautiful, or not enough. I KNOW I'm not alone in this mental state, because I interviewed over 100 women and the same stories kept being repeated.

We don't always have to appear put together. It's not fair to believe that we have to love ourselves every single day. Self love, body confidence, and empowerment is a journey and an adventure. 

This project is a powerful stepping stone on that journey. 

By putting women's biggest insecurities on display in a photograph, the goal is to appreciate the art and connection that exist in that photograph instead of picking it apart; To notice and recognize the things we consider flaws because society, family, and outer influences have made us believe that beauty is a certain ideal. We are pushing back against that by bringing "Just Me" into the world.

Here is some news regarding the gallery show!

  • The decision on a venue has been made!
  • There are two days I am considering, both are Sundays in April.
  • 1 image from each photo session will be on display--these images are available for pre-sale, and will help cover costs of the gallery show. The images that were shown at each woman's reveal will be available during the show for purchase as well.
  • Videos featuring interviews from the photo sessions are ON THE WAY!


Lastly, I am hosting a birthday special...

$26 "Me" photo experience!

Purchase this session between 1/17 and 1/26 for yourself or someone you love. 


Non-sale pricing for this session is $144 for 2018 (non-sale pricing includes 2 images)

Appointments will be booked starting in February. Weekend and weekday sessions will be available.

Experience a "Me" Session for Yourself! 

"I have never had so much love for so many photos of myself. I was overwhelmed with how much I loved each one and truly saw my full self in them. They felt so me, and I felt captured. And the thing I loved was there were pictures of myself that I felt captured a side of myself I have never seen in a photo, and that was a powerful experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat."

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Amy Paine