"Wowee!" (As my Grandpa would say) - Just Me show reflection

"Wowee" I'm so thankful.

Thank you SO MUCH for making the "Just Me" Portraits of Women event a success. My heart is full!


Thank you, Emily Keeny, for photographing the event! I LOVE my sneak peeks and cannot wait for the rest.

(Since some of you asked, if you would like access to the images when they're all finished, add yourself to my email list)

I wish I had been able to talk to everyone who came on Sunday. If you attended the show and we missed the opportunity to have a conversation, contact me so we can set up a date! I loved catching up with past clients, being introduced to new people, and hearing so many stories.

We started out with words from Julie Pierce, myself, and a few amazing women who participated in the project. The Facebook Live video is available to watch if you could not be there in person. There is such power in those 20 minutes, and so I definitely recommend watching.

I wanted this event to spark conversations about women's beauty, societal pressures, insecurities, vulnerability, and strength (among so many other topics). Throughout the day I witnessed tears, hugs and laughter. I believe my mission was successful... what do you think?

If you could take a few minutes and fill out this survey, I would be grateful. I've never hosted an event like this, and if I do so again, you will provide valuable insight! There are also a couple of burning questions I have for you... none of them are required, so you can even pick and choose what to answer if you want!


As a reminder: You deserve to take up space. You are worthy. You are enough.

You were given a body on this earth to make an impact. If you need help, ask for it. Tell those close to you about your dreams and you may be surprised about the support you will receive (I sure was). It can be so challenging to take up space, to feel as though you're imposing on people by asking for their resources. I am astounded by the enthusiastic help and support I received in regards to this project. So many women stepped up to give me their time, energy, love, money, testimonials, expertise, trust, and more. I just asked. Blown away. Thank you. 

Without all of you, this would not have been as successful of an event. I am so SO grateful for each and every person who was with me (both in-person and afar) on Sunday.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.S. I am hosting a very small womens-only event this Saturday, 4-7:30 at my studio. I am showing the Embrace Documentary and will be doing a short photo session in celebration. It is only $12 and there are two more spots available. Here is the link to sign up

If you cannot attend this one but are interested in future events, join my private Facebook group.