"I saw you" (a poem)

I saw you in your natural form of beauty.

I heard the power in your voices

You spoke of your pain and vulnerability when you looked at my lens. 

As each click of my camera and every new pose I could see through you, to a part of your secret self that I’m not sure you could see. 

I’m humbled by your nakedness, baring your soul at every angle.  

You're empowering

You’ve faced fears that I have had to face myself. Others seeing us without a mask, a performance, a shield that can no longer be hidden behind. 

I’ve seen your inner goddess peak through your insecurities as I asked you to show me who you are. 

Be gentle with yourself because what I see through my lens are women who are changing the world.

Lift your head up when you speak 

When you lower your eyes you are telling the world “I am not worthy enough to be in your atmosphere” 

What we fail to realize that who we allow in our sacred space are the ones who should feel honored. We are goddess that were created to carry the burdens that many would parish from the weight. 

Broken creates beauty 

Scars creates stories

Love creates healing

I saw you in your natural form of beauty.

I heard power in your stories


By Linsay Irene Foster

Amy Paine