National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2019: "Come as You Are"

Through photography, my gift is to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of my lens in order to make a portrait of you that makes you feel beautiful. And enough. My “Just Me” Project celebrated over 100 women who showed up to be photographed as their vulnerable, bare-faced, authentic selves. When I heard about this year’s NEDA theme, Come as You Are, I thought it resonated and related to the work/photo sessions I love to do, and I want to spread awareness and cultivate community by offering short sessions like the theme suggests. To just show up as you are. And I’d love to tell your story. And by the way, I do photograph and market to womxn most often, but as stated by NEDA, this photo session is for all people, at all stages of body acceptance and eating disorders recovery, including those those whose stories have not been widely recognized. This is my way to offer you an opportunity to share your story, see yourself in other’s stories, and recognize that your experiences are valid and welcome. And to also walk away with a portrait that is true to who you are in this stage of your life.

Here’s what is written on the NEDA website:

Our 2019 theme, Come as You Are, highlights NEDA’s movement towards inclusivity in the greater eating disorder community and our goal of unifying the field of eating disorders. In particular, Come as You Are sends a message to individuals at all stages of body acceptance and eating disorders recovery that their stories are valid. We invite everyone, especially those whose stories have not been widely recognized, to have the opportunity to speak out, share their experiences, and connect with others.

We aim to start conversations with a variety of communities that struggle at comparable rates to those traditionally thought of as struggling with eating disorders. We hope to offer them an opportunity to share their stories, see themselves in others’ stories, and recognize that their experiences are valid and welcome, no matter where they are in relationship to food or their bodies.

So this NEDAwareness Week, come as you are, not as you think you should be.

These photo sessions that I am offering this week are complimentary to you if you feel comfortable to share (a small part or all of) your eating disorder story. They are 20 minutes long and are styled however “come as you are” means to you. If you would like more help to plan and feel prepared, I am here for you to make it a successful photo shoot!

You will receive a small gallery of watermarked digital images (anywhere from 2-10 portraits). If you would like prints or products of your images, you can order those through the online gallery link at my current “Just Me” product pricing. You are not obligated to make any purchases, but if you do, I will donate 25% of the profit to NEDA.

Available times in Puyallup and surrounding areas (we’ll set up a place to meet!)

Monday, February 25th 11am-5pm

Thursday, February 28th 2pm-4pm

TBD Seattle or Puyallup, depending on where the majority interest is

Wednesday, February 27th 10am-12pm & 1:30pm-7pm

Possible community event in Seattle at Amy’s Queen-Anne studio

Saturday, March 2nd 4pm-ish

Please email me ASAP at or call me at 253-237-4084 to schedule your 20 minute photo session!

Amy Paine