You Are Enough - Reflecting on my presentation

I was asked to step outside of my comfort zone, and I am so proud that I said “yes” and pushed through the fear. Lean in Seattle group invited me to be a speaker for their monthly meeting to talk about my project and on the topic “you are enough.” I’ve never given a big speech, though I have been on stage since the third grade. Being in front of people wasn’t the hard part—the hardest part was the pressure that I put on myself to make it “worth it”. This topic means SO much to me, because it’s rooted in my own story.


I’m SO thankful for the women who showed up and shared their stories. I’m thankful that my words—though a bit stumbling at times and filled with too many “like”s and “um”s— gave these women the opportunity to be vulnerable and consider how affected we are by the harmful messaging that tells us we need to be more and do more. I love that this event sparked more conversations around this topic.

We are in this together. If you are struggling with negative body image, confide in a friend. Get to the root of the WHY. What happened to make you feel that way? Is there a way to combat how you feel, and to avoid that situation in the future? This is the road to self love. Our hardships are a huge part of our story, but we do not walk alone. We are who we are because of our traumas, but they do not define us. We can see the wrinkles, scars, and discoloration on our skin, and our bodies tell our stories. Instead of trying to hide the fact that we have walked through the fire, celebrate that your body has carried you to this point. Thank your body. Love your body. You are enough.

I invite you to schedule your own photo shoot at the ACP studio (with or without makeup!)