The 'Modern' Family Home Video

“I was excited about the idea of making a day in the life video with Amy, but was nervous about actually doing it. Could we just be ourselves with her there? Would I be able to enjoy watching it or would I be focusing on our dirty kitchen or how chubby I looked? 

“And then she came over and spent an afternoon with us. And she just happened to film it. It wasn’t forced or fake. It was just hanging out with Amy.

“And when we watched it both my husband and I were moved to tears. These simple moments, captured so perfectly and set to music, showed a family full of love and laughter. It was beautiful. It was us. 

“Today our family looks different, we have added another sweet boy, we are older, and life continues to take us down different paths. But thanks to Amy, we will always have this day, this sunny afternoon, and that is something I truly cherish.”

I’ve never considered myself a family photographer. But THIS, I can get behind 100%. A family video captures all the smallest moments that are fleeting. The fact that he looooves peas from the garden, or that pool time in the summer is a favorite activity, or that he always wants to help start the dishwasher… these things won’t last forever. And in this family’s case, this coming summer will be entirely different because they welcomed a baby on Christmas Eve. A family video is the best of all the worlds regarding memory-capturing. You can listen to the audio of your children—their voices change so fast!— while watching them move and play. You can see how your home changes, how you change, and feel the emotions wash over you every time you watch these 3 minutes. And, of course, as a photographer I make sure you have a small gallery of images to put into an album or print to go on your wall. Embrace the mess. Your life is beautiful. And you are enough.

Enjoy their family film, and some of the images that follow of moments that couldn’t be fit in to 3 minutes. <3

Summer is the best time for a family film in the PNW. Call or email today to get on the schedule. I only can take on 1-2 a month!

With love,