Client Spotlight: Aga with Choose Clarity

Back in early March, I photographed personal branding images for Aga Lawrynowicz in her beautiful, old home. Originally, she wanted to go to a nearby park so that she could be surrounded by greenery, but after rescheduling twice due to Seattle snow, we simply made the magic happen inside. Aga is a gracious host and whenever I’m with her, I feel as though I am truly being cared for and loved. I couldn’t think of a better entrepreneurial journey for her to start than a coaching business for women, particularly moms. Because her clients align with mine, I wanted to introduce her to you! Here’s an interview with Aga featuring the images we created together, and if you want to learn more or sign up for an event with Choose Clarity, visit Aga’s website!

Aga, tell us a bit about your background

After over ten years in the oil and gas industry, I moved across the world and became a mother and stepmother. It was very exciting to embark on this new adventure, but I didn’t expect it to shake my whole being the way it did. I went through a major identity crisis, and then I discovered that I have outgrown my professional identity. I hit the rock bottom and confronted my shadows. Discovering mindfulness saved me. As I was in training to become a mindfulness teacher for teens I realized that my mission is to support mothers.


I know you have a global background. What languages do you speak?

My strongest language is Polish - I grew up in Poland and lived there for 22 years. At 22, I left for a scholarship to Germany where I learned German quite well, as I ended up living there for about seven years. Then I went to Mallorca as an Au Pair and learned some Spanish. This language was surprisingly easy for me – the phonetics are similar to Polish, and also there is something cultural about it; we laugh about similar things.

And English came much later! I am still blushing thinking about writing my first emails and letters to my husband. I worked in an international environment; our international English worked, but it wasn't great! After meeting my husband I finally learned it better.

I would also probably survive speaking in Russian and Dutch.


What is your favorite drink/snack combination?

I really love a good coffee and bread with homemade jam. And this is now tricky because I stopped eating wheat several months ago. Otherwise, I like thinking about food as something nourishing my body and soul, so really I would eat anything healthy.


At what store(s) are you likely to be seen at?

I like shopping for my groceries at Central Co-op, and actually, this is a store I visit most frequently. Otherwise, I love Rainbow Remedies on Capitol Hill. The third favorite is all independent bookstores. I love them all!

Ah, almost forgot: I am an enthusiastic thrifter and 75% of my clothing comes from second-hand stores.


What is your business’ goal? // What is your purpose?

My goal is to create a platform helping mothers of young children connect with each other and experience the shared humanity which makes every struggle easier. Also, I am passionate about supporting moms connecting with themselves. This is very challenging for us women, used to carrying for others and having less space for ourselves.

My ultimate goal is to shine a light on motherhood and make it more appreciated by our culture.


How did you and I meet, and why did you choose Kat and I to be your team to create branding images for your new business?

I met you and Kat in the photo shoot arranged by fabulous Mellicia Marx, who is a fashion stylist and I was her client. This was such a great experience! I felt like I was in a vulnerable spot and yet I felt wonderful in my own skin.

Kat did an amazing job and while applying makeup is quite strange to me, I felt comfortable and not at all intimidated. I love Kat’s sense of humor and her can-do-spirit. Her confidence and energy made me feel like I can make it (whatever it is). Every time we were done, I felt like I want more of this – the conversation was funny, interesting and just flowing!


As I need photographs for my website it was clear to me that I want to work with you and Kat again.

You are able to quickly take me out of the “I don’t know what to do in front of the camera” mindset and make me feel like a diva! Also, both of you ladies are so much fun! While working together we had many great conversations and that made me feel close to both of you.

“Amy has a lot of sweetness about her, which made me feel very accepted and nourished. I love Amy’s ‘Just me’ project, and I get it why people are willing to get to this high level of vulnerability with Amy. She has something very inviting in her personality! After my first session with Amy, we got to have a video call because my family was planning to get a cat. Amy is an expert, and I see us talking more about cats in the near future!”


What is something you wish you heard more often?

I wish I heard more statements acknowledging women’s contribution to the world. Theoretically, we are emancipated but we still don’t have equal opportunities with men. Also, I wish there was more recognition for the hard work mothers do for our society.  


Why is it important for you to exist in photographs?

I have these old pictures of my grandparents and I love looking at them. They help me remember them and feel connected to my ancestors. That motivates me to have nice pictures taken.

Additionally, it is interesting to see myself captured by someone on a photograph. There is something new I discover about myself looking at myself on a picture.


What are the ways to connect with you? // What services do you offer?

I founded Choose Clarity and I work with moms of young children, who struggle with defining their new identity, and who are ready to reclaim their power and get their voices strong and clear.

I work one-on-one as well as with groups. This last spring I started a series of workshops and I have two more coming up: Boundaries for Busy Moms on June 20th and Unbury your Desires on July 18th. You can find more info on my website as well as on my Facebook and Instagram pages.


Thank you, Aga! You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. I know that the work you do is impacting women’s lives (and their families) in such a positive way!

Aga purchased a personal branding session to start her website off right. To learn more about this photoshoot for your own small business, email me today!

Amy Paine