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The 'Modern' Family Home Video

“Today our family looks different, we have added another sweet boy, we are older, and life continues to take us down different paths. But thanks to Amy, we will always have this day, this sunny afternoon, and that is something I truly cherish.”

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Motherhood Photo Session Outfit Guide Inspiration

Focus on linens, knits, and sheer fabrics. Look for texture, subtle colors, loose (ie comfy!) textiles and shapes that flatter YOUR body. A relaxed fit, so that you feel comfortable to move around but still look and feel beautiful.

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You Are Enough - Reflecting on my presentation

I was asked to step outside of my comfort zone, and I am so proud that I said “yes” and pushed through the fear. Lean in Seattle group invited me to be a speaker for their monthly meeting to talk about my project and on the topic “you are enough.” I’ve never given a big speech, though I have been on stage since the third grade. Being in front of people wasn’t the hard part—the hardest part was the pressure that I put on myself to make it “worth it”. This topic means SO much to me, because it’s rooted in my own story.

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