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How you see yourself is about to change.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re “ready” and can make up 4.821 excuses of why you shouldn’t be photographed…

I see you. You need a portrait of yourself that celebrates where you are now. You are enough.

You just have to show up. And I’ll guide you through this process. Ready?


Hi! I'm Amy.


In the late evenings (like 8pm late) you'll find my family in our usual spots: me on the left side of our giant couch, my husband on the right side of that couch, Sherlock, our Bengal cat, in between us on his favorite blanket, and our tripod rescue cat Pi in the top level of the cat tree. I'll be eating a bowl of popcorn with one hand and drinking cider or a Riesling with the other. I'm most likely in the comfiest clothes I can find, often the same outfit that I wore the day before since my yoga pants are reversible, and enjoying a makeup-free face. Really, I'm just lazy and don't want to take the 5-10 minutes to put makeup on in the morning. Additionally, I want the women I photograph to feel comfortable enough venture outside with a makeup-free, naked face and feel empowered doing so.

Are there only a couple of portraits of you floating around that you absolutely love? Let's create a whole album together.

With your trust, imagination, communication and fearlessness we will work together to create an image (or twenty) that you skip away with. Yep, that's right. Skip. At least walk with a spring in your step.

These photographs will be cherished by you, your parents, siblings, best friends, grandparents, children, and grandchildren... passed down as a print and proudly displayed.


Portraits of Women

this image features makeup by kat st john and has no retouching



If you want to feel seen, loved, and enough…